Most web designers and developers preferred to use Google Chrome as their primary browser for web development. According to TechCrunch source, Google now has 2 billion Chrome installs in active use across desktop and mobile which make them the world’s most favorite browser. 

Due to its popularity, Chome Web Store has hundreds of thousands of useful built-in developer extensions that will help you fasten your web development workflow. Having said, here are my top 10 useful chrome extensions for web designers

1. LastPass


LastPass is the number one trusted password manager & vault-app on the internet. It allows you to saves encrypted passwords, licenses, secure notes, payment cards, and other sensitive data securely in one place. Using this extension, it will auto-fills website passwords for accounts you saved in your vault-app.

2. WhatFont


WhatFont is a popular handy tool used to inspect web fonts that websites are using by just hovering on them. Aside from the font family, you can also view the font style, weight, line height, colors and provide you a source where you can find the font. This supports Typekit and Google API which is very useful for designers.

3. Grammarly


Grammarly is a popular spell-checker service that helps more than 20 million users across the globe. This assists you to determine unintended typos or grammar errors and find perfect words for you. You’ll get a suggestion when you start writing from Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or almost everywhere. 

4. Bubbles


Bubbles is a straightforward tool that will help you take screenshots and share them with your team or client for collaboration. This is a very quick and simple to use tool with no registration required. All you need to do is click the bubbles extension for the web page you want to capture, select what type of screenshots you need, add a comment if you have then share it!

5. Evernote Web Clipper


Evernote Web Clipper is one of the most popular google chrome extension that helps you collect interesting things that you find while browsing on the web and save into your Evernote Clipper Account. This allows you to quickly save different clip formats such as article, full page, bookmark, and screenshots. 

6. Clean Master


Clean Master is a handy Chrome cache cleaner extension that lets you clear cache in just one click. This plugin also works for clearing cookies, and other trashes in your browser. Clean Master has an option that enables your check or unchecks data you want to remove or add for cleaning. You can clear save a password, history, Autofill form Data, Local Storage Data and much more.

7. ColorZilla


ColorZilla is a well-known color picker for Mozilla firefox extension and now available for Google Chrome extension users. Their advanced eyedropper tool allows you to quickly pick RGB and HEX value colors on the website and paste it into another program. ColorZilla has a bunch of options such as Gradient Generator, Web Page Color Analyzer, Pallete Browser much more…

8. Full Page Screenshot


Full Page Screenshot a tiny tool that lets you capture web pages easy in just simple steps and save it to your local storage Whether you want to capture the entire page or capture just a portion of the website, you can do that easily using this chrome extension. No login or sign up required.

9. Image Size Info


Image Size Info is another tiny but powerful chrome extension that allows you to view original image width and height, shows displayed image dimension and also the source file URL. This plugin also supports videos like webm and gifv.

10. Window Resizer


Window Resizer is another useful part of modern web design and development used for testing website responsiveness in various screen resolutions. With this, you can quickly choose different browser sizes such as phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and other devices. Window Resizer also allows you to add custom device sizes and it has global shortcut keys that make your life easier.

That’s it! I hope this article helped you discover the best chrome extension tools for your next web design project.

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