Almost 50% of the world’s websites are currently using WordPress. Immediately, after installing WordPress, the first and foremost thing you need to know is how to install plugins on your WordPress website. Plugins are just like apps for your website. They enhance the functionalities and add to the abilities of your websites.

There are many plugins available in the WordPress directory, which you can use according to your needs and requirements. In this step by step guide, I will provide you with every single step through which you can install the plugin. Other than that, I will also be discussing three different methods just in case if one method does not work out for you, you can move to another one.

Method 1: Install a Plugin using the WordPress Dashboard

This is one of the best and easiest methods to install plugins, but the only downside of this method is that plugin must be available in the WordPress directory and guess what? You will find only free plugins in the WordPress directory.

a) The first thing you need is to log into your WordPress Dashboard. Once logged in, you need to go to the Plugins » Add New as highlighted in the below picture.

How to Install WordPress Plugins - Add new

b) In this section, you will find a bunch of plugins that you can install. You can use the search tab at the top right side of the screen. Just search your desired plugin and click on the Install Now button. 

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - Install now

c) Once you install your desired plugin, you will have to activate that plugin by clicking the Activate button to use its functionalities. 

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - Activate

d) That’s all! Congrats, you have installed your desired plugin successfully.

Method 2: Install a Plugin using the WordPress Dashboard Plugin Upload

This method is mainly for those plugins which are paid ones. Most of the time, you need to buy plugins to get the functionalities you want because free plugins are not that much efficient as you think. So, let’s move on to the next step, which will be of great help to you in installing plugins. 

a) First of all, you have to go to the plugins section. But, this time, you will not be searching for the plugin in the WordPress directory. You will select the Upload Plugin option, as shown below:

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - Upload button

b) Once you click on the Upload Plugin option, this will reveal the plugin upload form. You will be uploading the plugin. Click the Choose File and locate the downloaded .zip plugin file on your local computer. 

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - Choose file

c) WordPress will now upload your plugin. Once the installation of the plugin is done, you will be asked to activate a plugin.

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - Activate Plugin

d) Click on the Activate Plugin button, and you are done now. 

Method 3: Install a Plugin using the CPanel

The above two methods are the easiest ones. I will recommend you to use any of the above because this method will be the difficult one comparatively. But, sometimes, you might face a problem while uploading or installing plugins using the WordPress dashboard. In that scenario, this method will help you with installing your desired plugin. 

a) Log into your CPanel account using the credential provided by your web hosting provider.

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - login to cpanel

b) There you will find a ‘File Manager’ option. In case you didn’t find it, most cPanel display it under the ‘Files’ section. You can also use the search bar at the top of the dashboard. Once found, click the File Manager link.

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - File Manager

c) Go to File Manager » Public_html » wp-content » plugins.

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - plugin folder

d) This plugins folder is where all of your installed WordPress plugins are residing. To upload a new plugin, click on the Upload link at the top navigation menu of cPanel. 

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - Upload link

e. In the ‘File Upload’ section, click the Select File button and upload the downloaded plugin zip file from your computer.

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - Select file

f) Once the zip file is uploaded. You must extract it to install the plugin. Now, right-click on the zip file and click on Extract option. 

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - extract zip file

g) Next, make sure to extract in the right path ‘public_html/wp-content/plugins’ then, click on the Extract File(s) button.

How to Install WordPress Plugins  - Extract in path

Congrats! Your plugin is successfully uploaded but you have to activate the plugin from your WordPress admin area. That’s it 🙂

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