Hey, I’m Kirb.

A proud passionate for web & graphic design. I help fellow web designers, WordPress rookies and entrepreneurs build successful blogs or websites for their business.

This place was built to help WordPress users, from rookies to masterminds, on everything related to it; all based on what I’ve learned through years of crafting and designing websites. Here, you’ll discover all my web/WP tutorials, resources, tips or tricks, and also a little more about me, from a closer view.


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Meet Kirb

Some years ago, I actually wanted to be somewhere beyond the sea, doing something completely different from web designing. Here’s my story.

Meet Kirb

Little Shop

All tools, services, presets and products made by me, which are created and programmed to be exactly what you need (from design to development services).

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WP Tutorials

This is a constantly-growing collection of (free!) tutorials, lessons and tools, to make your learning on WP/Divi web design fun and easy.

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FREE WordPress Setup

You can set all your blog with my help, for free! If you’re new on this, the how-to will give you the right settings and amazing tools to make your blog go bigger.

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Reach to Kirb

If you’re a student with a doubt, a client with a question or suggestion about a tutorial, post. Or you just want to say hi and talk to me, say anything on here.

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I mention and link you to everything that I’ve used, loved and recommended, from my experience on building WordPress/Divi/Bootstrap websites.

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Popular Digital Artwork

Portraits & Caricatures

Besides from design and programming, there’s another thing I love doing: Making caricatures. You’ve seen them almost everywhere, and it’s basically a portrait of someone or something with a special highlight on their features, like a comic.

If you want your face, a friend’s face, or even your dog (or cat!) made into a cartoon drawing, just tap the button below and I’ll start sketching for you.

I am so happy with the cartoonized version of my two dogs! I’m immediately going to order another set so I can get one for my brother and his two dogs.

Hans Skillrud

Clients & Colleagues Testimonials

What they’re saying

Kirb got unique and creative web designs as I look up to her creations! Not just on web designing but also with graphic designs. He always make the clients amazed and satisfied! Keep up the good work, man!
Rocky Tac-an

Web Designer, Blue Rocket Studio

Kirb has a good sense of design. He always makes sure that your website design will match in today’s standard!
Renzo Peralta

IT Manager, Three&Creative

Kirb achieved enough in life but he kept his feet on the ground. He knows how to manage his; he knows how to recognised what thing needs more time to do down to the lowest. I salute to this man!
Michel Apugan

Content Writter, MrStarfish

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I build and create beautiful, professional website for small or medium size business who wants online presence for their business.